No Down Payment Requirement, 100% Financing for your Deal !

When opportunity knocks, but it doesn’t wait around….

Bridge loans “bridge” the gap in financing —
for when you’ve found the perfect investment, and need to close quickly.

For Real Estate Investors, access to a reliable, fast and proven financing source is critical. ICF’s Bridge loan program is designed to meet the borrowers need to purchase quickly, cutting through the red tape of traditional financing methods.

ICF’s Hard Money Bridge Loans are designed for investment properties (Single Family – Non Owner Occupied, Multi-Family and Commercial) in need of little to no improvement, which will be sold or held as a rental property for the Investor.

Our Hard Money loans allow for the purchase price, closing costs, loan fees, etc., to be rolled into the loan up to the maximum loan of 70% of Appraised Value. Combined with our No Down Payment requirement, leaving you with valuable operating capital to complete your project.

We provide Hard Money Renovation Loans regionally throughout Colorado,  Nebraska  (Omaha & Suburbs), Missouri  (Kansas City & Suburbs), and Kansas  (Kansas City & Suburbs).

Real estate investor rehab property using hard money

While we realize every borrower and transaction are unique,
the following is an overview of our general parameters.

General Loan Perimeters:

Loan to Value – Up to 70% of Appraised Value
Down Payment Requirement- ZERO to 70% of Appraisal
Term – 9 Months to 24 Months
Extension Available – YES
Advance for Improvements – Up to 20% at closing
Payments – Monthly Interest Only payments

Credit Score Minimum – Not FICO Based
Pre-Pay Penalty – NONE
Interest Rate – 13% to 15%
Origination – 2% to 4%
Vesting – Entity or Corporate Structure
Properties- Single Family, Multi Family & Mixed Use


Do you lend on OWNER OCCUPIED properties?

No, ICF is a commerical purpose lender. Owner Occupied properties are considered consumer purpose and for those we recommend you seek conventional financing through traditional lenders.

What types of properties will you lend on?

Residential Stand Alone Single Family (non-owner occupied), Multi-Family and Mixed Use Commercial, properties in any condition.

Are there prepayment penalties?

No. You only pay interest for the term you have the loan. The faster you fix the property up and sell or refinance it, the more profit you will earn. Real estate investors should never pay pre-payment penalties!

Will you lend in 2nd Lien position

No, ICF will only lend in 1st Lien position. We do allow for seconds from other sources.

How fast can you close?

Normal turn times range from 7 -10 business days after we receive the full property submission packet. Being pre-approved can save you valuable time in the process.

How will you value the property?

ICF will conduct an independent appraisal of the property in As-Is condition, as no improvements are being made to the property. If you are making improvement, check out our Renovation Loan as that will greatly affect the overall value of the property.

What if the property needs repairs?

Our Hard Money Renovation Loan fits that model. ICF will loan based off the After Repair Value, versus the current value. So, if you are buying the property at a big enough discount, you can get it with No Money Down.

Partnering with Investors Choice Funding has been a great decision for us. Dave has been a great mentor and advisor ever since the beginning and you can always count on him to close the deal.
Nancy L.

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