An Approval you can count on!

Like lenders,
not all approvals are created equal!

At Investors Choice Funding, we take approvals seriously! When you apply with us, we don’t just add you to a list. We run a full credit approval, to ensure you qualify upfront, instead of waiting until the last minute when you earnest money and deal are on the line.

Once approved, you can be 100% certain your qualified and ready to go!

Also, getting Pre-Approved saves you valuable time once you have a property under contract and needing to close quickly.

Proof of Funds

Verifiable Approval for your offers.

Fast Closings

Typically within 7 – 10 business days, from submission

Local Presence

We have local staff to support you!
I had a fire drill where I needed a verifiable approval fast. These guys turned it for me same day, and even spoke to the REO agent on my behalf. The end result, I got the property. Thanks guys, your the best!
Michael B.

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(a $49.00 Credit Report Fee applies)